Race 15 in Pictures

And what a race it was!

Waving goodbye to Derry

Red Arrows

Aw, sweet

Race start

Ghosting past the Outer Hebrides

Not Morgen’s favorite kind of sailing

Canada Day cake

Skirting the wind hole – and Switzerland, I think


Reflections 1

Reflections 2

Sunrise over Stroma and GB

Leaving the Atlantic – Switzerland astern

Entering the North Sea, close racing with GB and OP


Gloomy evening


North Sea sunset – and Old Pulteny hunting us down


Nightfall – one last night for this race


North Sea sunrise

Arrival day morning

We’re on the rail again

July 4th is a good day for winning

Winning skipper = happy skipper

GB’s Olly congratulates Tash on the win. Or the outfit?


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