and the race ended

This race, all the dramatic events seem to have involved the crew, not the wind and weather. At noon today the race ended. A little later Eric emerged from the nav station – his big announcement was simply ‘OK, just carry on, it’s faster than motoring’. And so we continue on a flat grey sea under a flat grey sky, flying our A2 and proceeding calmly towards Derry. THis afternoon we did have a large fin whale and then a big leaping fish fleeing a shiny black head – both events more exciting than the race finish itself.
Yesterday evening at six we had a very good sched, which showed we had gained on everyone, and were now only 1O miles behind GB. Crew clustered around the whiteboard with baited breath as Chris wrote up the numbers. But alas, our good breeze did not continue – we went through a light patch, where you could see rivers of smooth current flowing between the lightly ruffled areas of wind. We even altered course to skirt a visible wind hole- a huge mirror-like area stretching away to leeward.
Meanwhile, inside the boat, our pain sufferer was put back on morphine. THis has really not been a good race for our health, with SKipper and many crew fighting a coughing lurgy, a couple having flu-like symptoms, and the pneumonia, fall, and mystery pain to cap it all. I think everybody is feeling just drained, and ready for restful stopover and the chance to recover in Derry.
We are actually very happy for Derry, with this great win into their home port, and for Garmin, finally on the podium after all this time. ANd Old PUlteny certainly showed a great turn of spped this race too and deserve their podium place. We are just happy not to have lost too many points to our closest rivals – there were times in this race when the situation looked much worse! So we live to fight the next one – let’s hope we are back to full strength and health. TOmorrow, Derry.

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