In stealth

Well things continue to be calm and quiet – no crew drama, and little obvious drama in the weather, either. We move forward in our little bubble, the wind is sometimes up, sometimes down – but continues to be quite mellow overall. Sadly, Old Pulteny ‘stealthed’ past us to take the sprint, so our delay in turning towards Derry did not pay off in the long run. I was granted 14 hous in my bunk last night, as the persistent coughing lurgy has just been wearing me out. Especially, I think, as I skipped ‘good mother’ to helm in the sprint, so my last proper nights sleep was back on day 4 of the race. I only asked for 2 extra hours in the dog watch, but my watch were super kind and refrained from waking me at midnight as well. What luxury! But it did mean 3sheets went into stealth mode yesteday, too.
The highlight of yesterday was another pod of pilot whales – a big one this time. The leading whales looked as synchronized as the animals on a carousel, surging up through the water to reveal their blunt heads, then their big dorsal fins, then rocking down again, over and over again. It was probably one of the highlights of the whole voyage, actually. Ollie the media man seemed a little miffed that we didn’t go downstairs to find him when they appeared – but the truth is you never know whether the wildlife will still be there by the time you’ve been up and down the companionway to wake someone or fetch a camera.
This Atlantic crossing is not at all what we expected, on the whole – most of us ad imagined riding a series of weather fronts from west to east, getting a last taste of some wild weather and big surfs before our voyage is over. Clearly that is not to be! At least my feet have stayed dry.

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