All change

We’ve been sprinting since a little after 4 this morning/ It’s been a precise upwind grind in uniformly grey conditions – grey sea, grey sky, almost no horizon. We’ve worked hard and pulled away from DLL – but now it’s all change.
News has just come from the CLipper office that the race will end at noon on Sunday, and honors will go to the boats closest to Derry by a great circle route. I expect you all know more about that than I do! Many of the boats around us have already abandoned the sprint to hoot-tail it towards Derry. As we’ve only got 20 miles to go, and things seem to be going OK, we will finish the sprint – but then we too will be in the drag race to Derry. At least we have two and a half days warning this time. At least we’ll be off this hard anle of heel, so my upper monkey bunk will become possible to sleep in again – I’ve felt in iminent danger of getting launched through the nav station complete with sleeping bag and pillow these last few off watches. ANd we’ll all beglad to get a break from perching on the rail with our feet over the side too. No flapjacks in evidence yet!

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