Living in interesting times

Life aboard took quite a turn for the dramatic yesterday evening. We were celebrating Herb’s birthday, and we all knew that Herb and Janet were expecting news about a new grand-daughter any minute. Life was pretty good. But we’ve had another bug going around – a coughing one – and yesterday one or two crew were diagnosed by our resident medics as now having chest infections, and one had pneumonia. All quite managable, as we are well supplied with antibiotics and have 2 nurses and a doctor aboard this trip. But one patient began to have what seemed to be a very bad reaction to the antibiotics, and was in such pain that nothing would touch it except morphine. Very scary! We were so lucky to have Fiona and Herb aboard to treat the situation with great calmness, and the Praxis doctors to consult with.
But it was certainly unsettling for all the crew, and sleep was in very short supply for a while. The news of the grandchild’s safe delivery on Herb’s sixtieth birthday almost got lost in the noise, and the fact that the ridge of high pressure dumped all over us and had us stuck not moving while the boat in front sailed away, and those behind caught up and even overtook, was just a background issue.
FOrtunately our crew member recovered completely, and was back on deck this afternoon to a round of applause – and a flutter of admonitions to wrap up warm, go get a jacket and hat. It has been a gorgeous sunny day, and although we now have DLL in sight AHEAD – just a mile or so – and Garmin and possibly PSP ahead and just over the horizon, at least we are moving steadily again, THe sunshine has been gorgeous, the sea calm, although the wind is cold. THere has been much less wildlife today too – but after our traumatic times last night, we are all quite grateful for the easy sailing. We’ll just keep grinding away at the boats around us – in TeamHLFiftyYOPS, that’s what we do,

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  1. Sarah, you are wonderful! Your posts do so much to make this race such a human adventure. Of course, we want HL to be in first place always, but no matter where you are in the fleet, we love you! You are always in first place in our hearts.

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