Well the sailing has been quite mellow for the ast 24 hours – at time far TOO mellow, but there’s little we can do about that except endeavour to keep moving and avoid being swallowed up by the high pressure areas apparently building all around us.
THe nights are pretty short now – last night we were treated to a spectacular roange and purple sunset under glowering xlouds, with Jacobs Ladders almost worthy of the tropics. Moonrise, too, was a moody orange one – sending some of the leggers checking the AIS to see what that orange light on the horizon could be. Of course us jaded RTW crew have seen it all before. And yes, we were fooled too, the first time. Dawn too was orange and purple, with shades of grey and pink spreading across the sky behind us. It’s beautiful out here! The wildlife has been laying on quite a show – we had dolphins in the evening, phosphorescent ones at night, and gleaming ones leaping in the sunrise. We also have many different birds – storm petrels dart about all night, sometimes dive bombing us alarmingly, and looking for all the world like bats with their jerky flight patterns. We’ve had a pair of terns – common or maybe arctic – flying overhead at intervals night and day. Or maybe it’s a succession of different pairs, we have no way to tell. Highlights today have been a shark, lazily circling a drifting piece of wooden palette as though scraping his belly on it – probably eating whatever small fish were underneath it. And then we caught sight of what seemed like a pod of large, black, slow moving dolphins. We later realized they were pilot whales – much more exciting. They cruised lazily past us, then spent quite a while porpoising and spouting astern, but they never came back close enough for Ollie to film them.
On board, we are celebrating Herb’s sixtieth birthday. He looked quite content standing on the stern, wearing a balloon crown and smoking a cigar. And Maaike’s apricot and chocolate chip cookie flavored cake was voted her best so far.

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  1. Sarah, Your blogs continue to delight me and one of my friends in Cape Town to whom I forward them. Hugh has been following the 13/14 race all along, initially supporting our son who did Leg 3 on Invest Africa. Hugh used to be a merchant seaman and has really appreciated your blogs and descriptions of life at sea and aboard Henri Lloyd. Thanks for all your wonderful effort to keep us ‘with you’ on your journey. I hope you will turn your blogs and pictures into a book one day.

    Sail safe and enjoy the last bit. Kind regards, Hilary Strickland London UK

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