Interesting times ahead

We’ve had quite a mixed bag over the last 24 hours. Last night we went from some nice kite surfing with the wind good and free, to edging along with the A3 as close to the wind as we wanted to push it. We had a little bit of excitement in our midnight watch, when dark rain clouds appeared ahead – but according to our radar watchers, there was nothing to see. As the clouds approached – or we approached them, the wind suddenly doubled in strength and our new leggers got their first taste of a knockdown. Nothing too major – just the down on our side, boom in the water variety. But the new crew now know that being ‘on the vang’ can be a serious job, and that while you might be sitting comfortably in that role as we tootle along, when the time comes to actually release it, everything will be at crazy angles and it is very hard to brace yourself properly and do the deed. Still, I don’t think anybody fell out of their bunk, and no serious harm was done. But we changed to white sails and altered course in a more northerly direction for the rest of the night.
TOday was mostly a bit more grey and overcast than lately – but warmer, especially once we were able to gwt the A2 up again this afternoon. Sadly, this probably heralds the giant sized light wind randomizer the fleet is about to enter. It seems like it’s a case of ‘too high can’t go under it, too low can’t go over it’ as far as the high pressure is concerned. It’s going to mean interesting times.
In other news, there is once again a major shortage of teabags aboard. THe North-American victuallers are astounded that 2 bags have been consumed in 9 days, but that’s only 2 or 3 cups per day for each Brit aboard, perfectly reasonable consumption. At least there’s still plenty of coffee, but we don’t know abut hot chocolate as the dry bag containing drinks is missing. Right now there is a more serious and imminent emergency – it’s approaching the end of mother watch, and no bread has been made. It’s going to be a long hungry night for Team HLFiftyYOPS. Apart from the fifteen tons of chocolate and sweet snacks we are loaded down with… maybe it’s all part of a plan to lighten the boat.

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