Proper wind

Early yesterday morning at least part of our mysterious slowness was explained, and solved. A heave-too during the change to white sails gave us the chance to find and remove a heavy plastic bag filled with water that was acting like a drogue on one of the rudders. Phew! SO with the steady winds we have at last made some progress, leaving PUlteny in our wake, and passing the usual stragglers, Garmin and Mission Performance, today. It’s still a heck of a long way to the boats ahead though – but we do like to come from behind, after all.
Last night was a beautiful one – bright, almost round moon making a path on the black water, and Henrietta just creaming along, foam curling and clouding over the starboard rail. SHe felt light, and wanted to go FAST – even though we were reaching quite close to the wind, she was still getting some little sideways surfs on the small swells.
The morning, when it arrived, was a grey one – layers f clouds in all shades of grey and blue covering the sky. We had the sails of Mission Performance to starboard, and Garmin to port, so we’ve spent the day leaving one behind and gradually overhauling the other. It’s reaching all the way, with constant shifts in wind direction and strength keeping us all on our toes, trimming and retrimming sails as well as finding the fastest angles for saiing.
Seasickness has taken its toll, with both the mothers being out of action today, and watch leader and assistant of port watch suffeering yesterday. At least there are lenty of us aboard to pick up the slack! It’s noticably colder too, everybody is in foulies, and the last few holdouts have switched from sandals or bare feet to boots. I think tonight we’ll be seeing gloves, for the first time since San Francisco. WIth the grey sea and sky, and the occasional light drizzle, we definitely feel that we are in the North Atlantic, heading back to familiar UK watrs.

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