A good day to be on deck

THis morning did not get off to a good start. I got up early for breakfast, only to find it was not ready. THe A2 was spread all over the floor, obviously neglected and in need of woolling. Within seconds of my reaching the saloon, news came from the deck that our watch should be woken early to help douse the A3. In just a very few minutes, the A3 was bundled downstairs, and spread all over the floor on top of the A2. SO now our watch had two kites to untangle and wool. And then, the aft heads stopped working too – definitely not a good morning.
We’ve been having a frustrating time in general – the boat just does not seem to be fast at the moment. Yesterday we suffered the ignominy of being overhauled, bit by bit but relentlessly, by Old Pulteny, and every six hours the sheds bring tidings of slight losses to the rest of the fleet. We can’t figure out if it is just the extra weight, with 22 people aboard, or if we are dragging something underneath that we can’t see. Yesterday evening the steering was definitely a little weird, so we think there was at least SOME weed wrapped on one of the rudders – not enough for us to see, though.
ON the plus side, the wind has increased, and we have been power reaching along under sunny skies with a steady breeze. Maybe the increased speed will have shaken the weed loose – the strange wobble in the helm seems to have stopped, anyway. Henrietta’s helm feels beautifully
light, and she is shouldering her way valiantly through the
small swells, sometimes getting strange sideways surfs up to eleven knots, and sending up rainbows in the clouds of spray she creates. Unfortunately the new angle of heel and the increased motion has triggered seasickness for several crew, including poor Fiona, working hard at being mother with Emma today. WIth Herb and Kevin B. engaged in major excavations of the plumbing system all afternoon, it’s been a great day to be on deck. however splashy it is up there.

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