Atlantic Time

We’ve been racing a little less than 24 hours now, at the start of our Atlantic crossing back to Europe. So almost the end of our adventure! We had gorgeous weather for motoring out of New York, and the Le Mans start took place against the backdrop of a lovely orange sunset. It was not our best start ever- Eric was the SKipper in charge, and we were right in the middle of the line. There was a bit of discussion from boat to boat about what the upwind course the boats would all have to hold should be.Eric got applause from GB – upwind and right next to us for short shrigt he gave one skipper, far away on the end of the line, who suggested the course everyone else was holding was too close to the wind. THere did seem to be a little confusion, with Switzerland and Garmin crossing eachother right after the start, but everyone got away OK. Once the mandatory ten minutes were up, everybody raised their kites – mostly A2s, though a few like us went strainght for the A1, which we have been flying ever since.
Itwas a beautiful night for saiing- bright moonlight giving us a clear horizon and letting us see the kite for trimming. It was a perfect refresher for our new andreturning leggers. TOday has continues in the same vein, with lovely sunrise, smooth seas, and mellow winds. Of course we wouldlike a bit more wind – we did seem to be in our own personal lull for a while this afternonn. THe fleet is all very close – last night we could count 11 of them behind us, now in daylight we can only see 2 or 3. It’s definitely been a very pleasant start to our last ocean crossing.

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