Full of stars

Last night the wind died away almost completely. We were surrounded by a low haze, so there was no horizon, but the stars were dazzlngly clear overhead – it was like being inside an upside down goblet, with stars painted on the inside. It wss easy to believe our mast would soon bump into the sky, just like in ‘The Truman Show’.
There was no moon, and through our quiet 4 hours on deck we could watch satellites sailing overhead, and the stars wheeling round us and plunging towards the western sea. Ursa Major is bright overhead, and Scorpio, with it’s amber colored star Antares, is very clear to the south. Just before dawn Venus rises so brightly that it makes a path on the sea, and we are still seeing shooting stars so feirce they leave a trail.
We also had dim glimmers of some of the other boats, sharing our light wind misery. ANd today we have had GB visible on the horizon downwind, and DLL a little behind and upwind. THe racing is still close, but we’d all be happy to get some proper wind soon!
It was a beautiful evening, so still and calm. Spaghetti bolognaise was eaten on the low side of the foredeck, the better to keep Henrietta moving forward. It looks as if we are entering a second light wind night – the A1 and the Windseeker are alternating, up and down, which means there’s been a lot of wooling to do in the heat. Mike and I have been mothering today, and I baked cupcakes for his birthday celebration. I’m waiting now for my experimental raisin walnut bread to finish cooking – it’s taking forever, with the oven going on and off. THe first loaf has some structural integrity problems, but it tastes good anyway. I’m hoping, once the A1 is up again, that I’ll get a chance to have a fresh water bucket bath, and to cool off a bit in the night air.

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