In the Atlantic again

Well, obviously there wasn’t really any drinking and carousing last night – unless there is a secret rum supply somewhere, this is a dry boat. But we did have a gorgeous night of sailing – during the first night watch the sky was velvety and the stars were so clear you could see that the spaces between them are filled with ever fainter ones. Everyone was happy and relaxed – that’s the first time we’ve collected 3 points for a scoring gate. As we slipped smoothly through the water, we could just make out the lights of the five closest CV’s behind us, and enjoy the lead for a while. We still feel like the hare, with the hounds snapping at our heels. DUring our early morning watch, Starboard watch celebrated with toast and marmalade – Fiona, ANita and I all enjoyed toast cooked to James’ favorite recipe – butter both sides and cook in the frying pan, add marmalade, and enoy! THe aroma must have woken Eric, who emerged wondering why the smoke alarm had not gone off yet. But our smoke alarm only seems to reacts to steam from the rice-cooker, it ignores smoke and actual flames (as in the incinerated bread incident on the way to Panama.
Overnight Pulteny, Derry and Switzerland slipped away over the horizon, but we have had GB ad DLL in sight all day, as the wind has lightened and we get closer to the ‘randomizer’ – the patch of light wind we all have to get through before we find the westerlies, with the possibility for the familiar game of snakes and ladders that calms can bring.

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