Another day, another scoring gate

Well, we passed through the scoring gate – just as I sat down to write this. Yay, we’re first through! Now we just hope that ANYBODY except GB gets through next.
We’ve had another lovely day and night of sailing – we saw the lights of Haiti and could smell it overnight. Then this morning, three sails appeared behind us – like the Indians appearing over the skyline in an old cowboy movie – with appropriate dramatic music. The ones we could see were DLL, Derry and Pulteny, hopefully still just ahead of GB and Switzerland, who went the other side of the island we spent the morning passing. One of the Bahamas. is all I know.
we got to fly th A3 all afternoon – that hasn’t been out since the first day or so out of San Francisco. SO that was fun – if a little edgy as we tried to stay clnce we tred to stay close to the wind. In the end it had to come down, and we swapped back to the yankee.
On wildlife, one tropicbird, and one booby. Not much to report! well back to drinking and carousing to celebrate the scoring gate – yeah right!

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