Nail Biting

THis morning we were treated to a beautiful sunrise – a huge orange ball sneding rays of light and shadow through big masses of cloud above it. ANd then, ahead and to leeward under clear blue sky, a mountainous cloud resloved itself into actual moutains – Land Ho, Jamaica!
Almost immediately, we caught sight of the Great Enemy -oops, I mean Great Britain – a tiny triangle on the horizon to windward. And another CV, probably Garmin, lit up white in the early light, behind us and downwind. It’s close. Eric has donned two colors of warpaint simultaneously, ready for the endgame, which looks like being a log drawn out one in these lght winds. Wish us luck!

2 thoughts on “Nail Biting

  1. Sending you and all the HL team as much luck as we can possibly launch into the airwaves between British Columbia and Jamaica. We plan it to land right out in front of HL to create better winds for you and a nice little hole for GB!

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