Still Climbing

It’s day 3 today – typically this is when people get used to racing again, and life gets a little more relaxed and sociable. Of course, since this whole race is just a sprint, we are already in the concentrated mode we usually get into towards the end. Although with white sails and no sail changes since the first 2O minutes of the race – we switched from the yankee 2 to the yankee 1 as soon as the 1O minute limit was over – most of the time we are concentrating hard on sitting on the rail thinking heavy thoughts.
Last night was another bright one – the big round moon lighting up towering cumulus clouds, and almost hiding the stars between them. Gorgeous sailing. THere were a few tradewind rain sprinkles that felt very cold to our tropic-trained skins, but nothing that would actually constitute a squall. We finally had some wildlife this afternoon – a big pod of tiny, active dolphins, leaping and diving through the navy blue sea. Otherwise, we keep working away at what we have to do – tweaking and trimming to omake the most of every windshift as we claw our way up towards the tip of Jamaica. It’s going to be a close one. Somehow, I feel our usual race mode, coming inexorably from the back, is easier on the nerves than this hanging on in the front. Wish us luck and good winds – from Team HLFiftyYOPS, goodnight,

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  1. There’s so much good luck and good winds vibes coming your way you should be vibrating :-) Wish we could be there to greet you in Jamaica !!

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