Uphill to Jamaica

We continue to climb upwind, inch by inch and mile by mile, on our way to Jamaica. The numbers show that we are in the lead now, but we know the boats who went off on a flyer – Qingdao and the Great Enemy, could end up with an advantage, depending on how the wind shifts play out. We shall see! The Caribbean is strangely empty after the Pacific – no wildlife to speak of. And not even any phosphorescence so far – perhaps because the moon was so bright last night. Well there are flying fish, of course. THere must be one lodged somewhere out of sight near the companionway, as a fishy aroma is becoming more and more noticable there. Nobody has quite dared to look for the source of the smell yet – we are all hoping it will go away on its own.
ALthough we are in beautiful and quite mild tradewind conditions, we are all feeling cold at night – obviously our blood has thinned in the tropics. We’ll need to toughen up for the trip to New York. It’s also quite tough realizing that we will almost certainly be beating or reaching all the way too, so the discomforts of life at this sort of angle will most likely stay with us all to the end of the leg. SO we look forward to an awful lot of perchig on the rail, while helming is all about balancing speed and angle as best as we can – requiring enormous concentration. We miss oir spinnakers!

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