Not quite Costa Rica

Yesterday the sun rose, after a night of torrential drenching squalls, to reveal the beautiful tropical coastline of Costa Rica. THen we spent the entire day viewing that beautiful tropical coastline, as we drifted offshore waiting for te other boats to refuel, and for Old Pulteney to bring out 24 full jerry cans for us.
We spent the time in true Team HL style, inspecting sails and carrying out other maintenance tasks. COld drinks and fresh food ashore are over-rated, anyway. We did get to enjoy our second fresh sashimi appetizer at the end of the day from a small tuna the boys caught, and it was made even better by the beers – er sorry, lemonade, booze not allowed – that our friends on One DLL brought from the fuelling stop for us. THank you One DLL, we love you too!
THe fishing continues – we have another small fish in the coolbox ready to go, and the boys are inspired to catch a really big one after watching huge manta rays and sharks leap from the water all around us this last couple of days.
Today as we motor towards Panama it is too squally and rainy to inspect the mainsail – yay! But that means we have sixteen sweat people keeping ‘dry’ down below, while 2 pressed men man helm and lookout upstairs. Aren’t these just the conditions that generate mutinies? Eric will have to invent some very important task – maybe claning the ceiling with toothbrushes – or by lunchtime there could be a raid on the second flat of ‘lemonade’ that he confiscated last night. I’ll keep you posted …

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