Stars above and below

A bit of a shocker tofay – we’ve been sailing UPWIND. WIth a yankee and a staysail up when it’s not a windseeker – and it seemed so strange to start with. Sleep deprived as we are – due to the heat- we could barely remeber how to run the sheets in the grey early light this morning.
Last night was woefully calm – sitting on the rail looking down into the water, the little sparks of phosphorescence made a carpet of stars, almost matching the canopy overhead. THen some lazy, leisurely dolphins also appeared, filling the black with the spiralling, criss-crossing, diving and darting sparkles of their paths. They seem to swim and snap – I’m sure we hear their teeth click together sometimes – just underneath the hull, sometimes diving right under and popping up the other side, sometimes darting away again n the same one. We must be chasing up something that they eat – perhaps it;s the squid we collect on deck on a regular basis. This morning our watch was treated to a big pod of dolphins who played alongside for hours. Best of all were the baby dolphins, swimming and leaping alongside their mothers in perfect synchronisation. THe flock of boobies acompanying them just added t the show
We also did morework with sail changes than we’ve done for weeks. We had the A1 up, but were pushing it to razy high wind angles. SO we go out and hanked on the yankee 1. THen the wind lightened and shifted a little, so we brought up the A3 and ran the heavyweight sheets. Then the wind lightened even mre so it was down with the A3, down with the heavy sheets, and back to light weight sheets and the windseeker. ALl that in about eighty to ninety degree heat – we drank gallons, but had no time to be bored. It was Antia’s birthday today, celebrated with cupcakes, and gifts including an nflatable seagull and some very nautical tattoes. ONe of her cards was very musical – as crew members snuck into the nave at random times all day to sign it, it sounded like some eccentric alarm clock.
THere was a most beautiful sunset, rd and pinks below a tiny new moon in the infinite blue. But now we have lightning, and some towering clouds. It looks like we might be getting back into squally territory, with all the new discomforts and excitements that brings.
From HLFIFTYYOPS, goodnight.

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