Blue days

Well it must be about day 12 today – so hard to keep track! Yesterday I was mother- not much to say about that, except it was hot, hot, HOT. Phil and I tried out a recipe for honey wholewheat bread, and everybody loved it. Before that, our little dove flew off after dark – he’d moved to the boom at dusk, and then a big flop of themain dislodged him and away he flew. It made me sad to see him go – I hope he found a friendy passing ship to rest on before too long.
Otherwise, more dolphins, sparkling phosphoresecence, shooting stars, lighter and lighter winds. I had a lovely cool shower on deck after dark. It’s even possible I took my lifejacket ff – don’t tell the Skipper! We finished the sprint, it was a bit of a fizzle for us. ANd we passed through the first finish – in smoething like 7th place – yuck. Sometimes this doesn’t even seem like a race, as we haven’t changed sails in days and progress is so sedate. But we are getting lots of gybing practice – I finally feel almost comfortable helming through them.
We were very happy to hear the news that GB is no longer going to be able to stretch the rules and use the weather routing software that would have been cheating for anyone else to have. I would have loved to see the facebook exchanges about that!
Otherwise we are in stealth, we can’t see any boats an they can’t see us. ANother beautiful sunset, millions of stars, and we are ghosting along in the best direction we can manage. Helmng and trimming require the utmost concrntration. Wish us luck!

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