Day Ten

More of the same – except for wind. More blue sky, more heat, more shooting stars, more dolphins after dark, more boobies… and less wind, so that we have to resort to the windseeker all too often. THis afternoon it seems to have done its job, and we have such a steady breeze on such a smooth long swell that we can practice hands off helming as Henrietta steers herself calmly and efficiently in the right direction. Or as right as it can be with the current wind.
Today we saw our first boobie standing on a sea turtle – quite entertaining. And we currently have a passenger, a little collared dove who is perched on the mainsheet. We’ve laid out a smorgasbord of snacks and drinks for him, but he still eyes us suspiciously and remains in his spot. I think he’ll be calling trim for the spinnaker soon, he observes things so closely. The poor little thing has obviously made some questionable decisions in his life, to find himself so far out on a baking ocean. Many of us crew can empathise with that! His only hope is probably to sty with us to Panama, but I think he’s not going to be happy when we gybe… We are technically in the ocean sprint – by far the slowest and most relaxed we’ve ever done. No flapjacks needed for energy this time.

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