Warming up and slowing down

It must be day six now. We STILL have champagne conditions – last night we had the most beautiful sailing under a starry sky for our first night watch, and lit by a sweet little moon on our second. THe sun rose very gently – no dramatic colors, and there were soft grey clouds in the sky matching the gentle breeze and soft pillowy waves that were swooshing us along.
Soon after sunset we caught sight of another CV – lit up in the grey early light she looked quite dramatic. It turned out to be Jamaica, on the oter gybe, and they soon crossed behind us and disappeared southwards – it was as if they’d never been there, except for the record on our cameras. The wind has lightened quite a bit today, and the clouds have vanished apart from some charming white bubbly ones – we raised our biggest kite for a while, but the sailing is probably the most pleasant we’ve had, almost anywhere. It is really getting warm now, seaboots and foulies are gone and we’re in shorts and Tshirts. But we are able to make good progress and it’s not TOO hot yet either. Long may this last!
Creature sightings, apart from many birds – terns and petrels? – we spotted a couple of sea lions lounging with their fins above the water. So they do hang out this far off shore – I suppose they are able to sleep on the surface when conditions are calm like this. We have also had a few squid on deck – as always, not enough to eat.
We heard over the VHF during the night that GB, DLL, and was it Garmin? won the scoring gate points. Well done them – it was already obvious we were not in the running. We have finally managed to free the spinnaker sheet from under the boat, which surely can’t hurt. Morgan took a quick plunge over the side as we slowed down between spinnakers, and the job was done in seconds.
Fiona and Elena have been excelling themselves in the mothering stakes today – great things are coming out of the galley. ANd with music on deck and nearly everyone taking turns at the helm in this perfect gentle conditions, you could almost believe we are on the luxury cruise this leg is sometimes accused of being.

2 thoughts on “Warming up and slowing down

  1. Sarah, it is so lovely to be able to see your smiling face and hear your Welsh lilt as I read your blogs now. How great it was to spend time with you in San Francisco and at the sail loft in Alameda. We Emilies couldn’t have invented a better 30 year reunion than the one we spent with Team Henri Lloyd.

  2. Sounds idyllic, Sarah. Now that I have got to know you and Maikke a bit, as well as meeting Nick, Anita, Angus and (was it?) Ryan, I can better imagine you all aboard HL enjoying these wonderful conditions. You deserve it after the last race.

    Love Mogs (one of the Emilies)

    Don’t try and reply – I know your account is limited – just know we are with you guys every day.

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