,,,and flying fish like dragons

Another highlight I forgot to mention – as Henrietta surged along in yesterday’s sunshine and strong winds, the huge flying fish, irridescent in the light, about 20 feet up in the air. Like some mythical creature, not the tiny things skimming the surface that we are so used to. THough I suppose when it’s blowing 40 knots with waves to match, they have a headstart on height.
SInce this morning the wind has dropped to almost noting. We are in the lee of Mount Fuji. The sea is shifty and uneasy with cross swells, rocking and rolling us all over the place. And it is still the color of absolute black granite, even when the sun bursts through the clouds. We are trying to point in the right direction, sails slatting back and forth – I had a brief moment where the wind picked up and we surged forward purposefully for about 10 minutes. THen it died again.
But we’ve all enjoyed the relative warmth, and drying out our foulies. There are rain clouds and even a little rainbow ahead – if we can ever get there.

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  1. Sarah, you take us all on your journey with you as you write so well. Love your blogs and thank you for the effort you put into sharing your RTW experience with us. Stay clipped on! x Hilary

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