Race 9 version 2.0 in pictures

An early morning Le Mans start

Nico is happy waiting to change headsails

All too soon, another cruising phase. We made anklets.

Hong Kong – or nearly!

Just part of the madness that is Aberdeen Harbor

Eric seems very happy to have filled the tanks

During a rare calm spell over the Taiwan Banks we celebrated Chris' birthday – with a single balloon

There was much hilarity aboard…

…until Meg broke it.

When it's blowing 60 knots, it's a good day to be mother

Day after day of bashing into gales took its toll on our Yankee 3

The repair took teamwork and ingenuity

We used the galley as a giant embroidery frame

The betting started on arrival time (it's a whiteboard shot under red light). 13:13 on the 13th was the first guess

After the race was called, the sail inspection and repair team worked on deck

To complete our run of luck, our arrival into Qingdao was marred by the Henri Lloyd banner tearing and getting stuck most of the way up the rig. James went up to retrieve it, and we ended up with the banner in the water and James stuck most of the way up the rig. A camera drone was on hand to film the whole thing.

The fireworks made us jump out of our skins – but we were finally in Qingdao.

Roll on the Pacific.


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