Qingdao Tomorrow

I guess it was about 8.30 last night when we finally passed the latitude of the new (shortened course) finish. There was a muted and rather ironic cheer from the motley crew still awake below decks when Eric announced it, and a few minutes later we decided we probably should let the watch on deck know too. We’ll all be gad to be done with this crazy ‘race’, though we are certainly not going to get much time to rest in Qingdao before we face the mighty Pacific. SInce the race was called early, the betting on our finish time was declared moot, and we will all just buy drinks for each other. SO even though we’re motoring again, we are working as hard as ever, inspecting and repairing our sails, which took quite a bashing this time. We finally finished work our poor battered Y3 this afternoon – it is horrifying how long our first serious damage took to repair, things will certainly get worse as the sails get older and frailer with still many thousands of miles to go to London.
For everybody who was on leg one, the general consensus is that Cabo f***ing Frio fades into insignificance compared with the Taiwan Strait. Of course since we started motoring we have had calm seas and a fair wind for Qingdao. I don’t know which gods or denizens of the deep we offended between race 9 version 1 and ‘race 9’ version 2.0, but I hope our penance has been sufficient and we will have at least some luck on our side next time.

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  1. Hi Sarah
    My heart goes out to you and everyone else on Henry Lloyd. Whether it’s at the office or at home, I’ve taken all of that pounding and heart ache alongside the rest of you. Speaking from experience I can tell you that adversity makes that podium spot just that much sweeter.
    Looking forward to seeing you all in San Francisco.

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