Out of the Strait

Yes, we are officially in the East China Sea. It doesn’t look much different from the Taiwan Strait though – an endless vista of heaving grey waves streaked with white, a misty horizon where grey sea blends imperceptibly with grey sky, only occasionally punctuated by the ghostly outline of a passing container ship. The wind has lightened up a bit – to the 30 to 35 knot range. THis of course meant that starboard watch spent 2 hours getting the storm jib down and the yankee 3 up this morning – as well as rescuing a yankee sheet that had wrapped itself round one of the rudders overnight (don’t even ask how), and tacking. Exhausting! But spirits are high despite everything – it might be a form of mass hysteria caused by sleep deprivation, but you should have heard our whoops of joy in the first dog watch when a tack brought us to a new heading of 000. North! Where we need to go! Amazing…
Ryan made me laugh too – normally a cry of ‘Wave!’ from the helm makes us all duck for the best cover we can get. RYan decided to interpret it as a command, responding with a very passable ‘royal wave’. I almost forgive him now for throwing the rice cooker at me yesterday morning. (Not on purpose, I am sure).
Life contnues to be uncomfortable and wet – but not too cold so far. That too is sure to change. From Team HL50YOPS in the East CHina Sea at last, goodnight.

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