Still in the Taiwan Straight

And maybe we’ll be here forever. As Eric promised us, the wind did moderate, today it has only been in the 35 to 40 knot range, rather than 50 – 60. It’s been hard to go anywhere, as with the storm jib up our tacking angles are hopeless. So we criss-cross the strait, fighting for every inch upwind, to find we have only make a few miles towards our destination. It seems that the good reaching breeze we had hoped for had completely disappeared before we were able to get to the eastern side of the strait to find it. So it’s upwind, upwind all the way, and sadly the changes made to the rig in Hong Kong are exactly what we do not want for upwind sailing Sir Robin loosened the back stays, did the work on the forestay, then cranked down on the forestay before reattaching the backstays. This means that the mast is now angled more forward – when ideally for upwind work you want it raked back.
But hey ho, the race is a random one anyway, with everybody having different weather, and the front boats choosing when to start racing. I have a feeling our tactics are not going too well at the moment, smashing along into the teeth of a gale is probably not helping us much at all. THe wind seems to be rising again, into the 50s. Eric says we can expect a cycle of stronger then slightly weaker winds, but no real change. It’s going to be a long way to Qingdao for Team HL50YOPS.

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