Too much fun

We’ve been very busy on this motor-sailing phase. First, of course, sleeping- up to 6 hours out of every 8 if you want to. THen we’ve been splicing – learning to make eye splices and crowns on some of the 5 tons of polypropylne we pulled off our rudder several weeks ago (when WAS that?). And we’ve been making turks head knots, bracelets, and anklets. Once you’ve woven the bracelet round your chosen limb, it won’t come off unless you completely unravel it, or cut it. I’m wondering how my anklet will fit inside my Dubarry boots – I’ll probably get a chance to find out all too soon.
A geekier group of us have been working with the sextant and the sight reduction tables, taking sights of the sun, a planet, and some stars. Working though the theory and figurig out the calculations takes much longer than taking the sights – but Maaike and I were delighted when our first meridian passage of the sun gave us a latitude only 10 miles away from the GPS position. SOmetime tomorrow I expect to be able to tell everyone exactly (or approximately) where we were at noon today. THe less geeky crew have been playing charades, to much hilarity, and even got out some of the board games today. ANd of course, we celebrated Maaike’s birthday yesterday. It’s hard to remember how we ever found the time to race this boat.

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