Blue world

It’s a blue world, and we live in it tilted at around 25 degrees. Henrietta continues to romp along upwind – we think we’ve mostly found the way she likes to do it. All I can tell you, she will not be forced, she likes to find her own way, merrily sliding through the lumpy bumpy blue sea that surrounds us, just occasionally throwing random spray ober us to keep us awake, or smashing off the back of a wave to remind us that she needs atention.
We seem to be in an ocean bereft of birds – the only living things we have seen in 24 hours (apart from eachother, though sometines during the night watches the degree of life is debatable) are flying fish, singly and in lovely slivery flocks.
We also see other CVs from time to time – sailing parallel for a while, or crossing ahead or astern in the distance. Some of them have their AIS turned off, so then it’s a matter of speculation (and bets sometimes) as to who they are.We are alquite close on our zig-zagging path towards the scoring gate, so tiny gains and losses are important.
Fotunately many crew stocked up on treats on the last day inb Singapore, so we have had tropical fruits, chocolate, and even cheese, to share on the long grinding upwind watches. Spirits are high and we are working hard. From Team HL50YOPS in the SOuth CHina Sea, goodnight.

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