Pictures Race 8 (part 1)

Race start was just before sunset – making for a dramatic farewell to Australia.




Ryan and Kevin – Hungry and Anxious


Squalls and rain and Meg hamming it up for an approaching squall





Eric's war paint – scarier than the pirates


Volcanoes. Switzerland appearing from behind one, and a live one, too



Meg and Morgan – not really falling overboard, they've just finished pulling the Yankee round in a light wind tack

Dave pulling on the wind seeker sheet – Papua New Guinea for a backdrop


James prepares to fish. And Jame's wind ex under construction


Tea at sea
We all love our wind seeker


2 thoughts on “Pictures Race 8 (part 1)

  1. very good photo’s,enjoy the rest of your seaway travell,
    happy birthday christopher nelson from mother &father
    on the 4th march

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