Through the scoring gate

I think it’s day 10 of the race – it’s already difficult to keep track of the days. So I’m trying to remember, working backwards, the last few days: Today, after a squally night and early morning, the wind veered and we’re sailing close-hauled in gorgeous sunshine. The first time we’ve been upwind since rounding the first mark leaving Brest. On deck barefoot and in shorts, except when it was tipping it down. Solar showers on deck, flying fish in flocks, and our first whale, very close by and apparently as surprised as us! It was grey and not super huge, maybe a youngster? Yesterday, the day we overtook Mission Impossible – it was all very Master and Commander as we relentlessly hunted them down, amazing to be so close after a thousand and a half miles of ocean. I was on mother watch so mostly missed the on deck excitement.
Before that – it seems like days of downwind in glorious sunshine, moonlit and starlit nights with Henri flying along under the kite. I find I love helming in the moonlight, and Eric is making sure we all learn to drive and to trim fast and well, so even while hunting Matt down, our watch rotates through everyone who wants to helm.
There was also the day we slept in the forepeak – it was smooth enough to have the hatch open and to raise the wind scoop – I was actually cold sleeping in there, which I can tell you is an unusual sensation! And when the dolphins come by you can just pop your head up and watch them. In the meantime, midnight baking continues, and we have started our voyages of discovery evening presentations about Brazil. And of course, we are hoping to catch Derry the same way we did Mission Impossible…

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